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  • I was supposed to be a drug dealer
  • Andy grew up in a public housing project in Newport surrounded by crime, poverty and a serious lack of positive role models. Kids like Andy from single parent households in low income neighbors are far more likely to drop out of school, use drugs and get arrested.
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  • I was supposed to join a gang.
  • Jose grew up in Avondale without many positive role models in his life. His father abandoned the family when Jose was young. His early years were a struggle and by the time Jose was 12, he was ready to join a gang.
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  • I was supposed to go to prison
  • When Terrell was 12-years old, living with his aunt and cousin, his aunt felt sure a positive adult role model could make a difference. Terrell had always been a good kid, but his life had been rocky and unsettled. His aunt hoped a Big Brother could give him someone to look up to, someone to help him develop a sense of the future, with an eye on college and beyond.
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  • I was supposed to drop out of high school
  • Nathan says his life had no structure before meeting Mike, and he is sure he would have made many poor choices if the two had not been matched. He says the only guidance he was getting was from other young friends who were making poor decision themselves. Like many Little Brothers and Little Sisters, Nathan’s mom was raising him on her own and realized he needed a positive male role model to help him reach his full potential.
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  • TQL sales VP, former 'little' in Super Bowl ad
  • by Patrick Brennan, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • By his own admission, Nathan Knipper doesn't seek out opportunities to share the story of his positive experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, but a recent opportunity was too good to pass up.
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