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81% of former Littles surveyed agree their Big gave them hope & changed their perspective of what they thought possible.

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400 kids on our waiting list: WE NEED BIGS!!!

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister in Greater Cincinnati is one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do! Not to mention, one of the most fulfilling. And the best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun. You and your Little can share the kinds of activities you already like to do. Play sports together. Go on a hike. Read books. Eat a pizza with extra anchovies. Or just give some advice and inspiration. Whatever it is you enjoy, odds are you’ll enjoy them even more with your Little—and you’ll be part of a life-changing friendship.

Our Big Brothers and Big Sisters come from diverse backgrounds just like our Littles. They are regular people, just like you. You don’t need any special degrees or job skills. You just have to want to positively impact a young person. Role models come in all shapes and sizes, and you could be a perfect fit!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati has two ways you can be part of a life-changing friendship:

Community-Based Mentoring: This program gives Bigs and Littles an opportunity to experience a wide range of activities all over the Tri-state. This is what you probably think of as the more traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters program with your match meeting a few hours a week for an incredibly fun and bonding experience!    

Site-Based Mentoring: This is a mentoring opportunity for you to meet with your Little once a week at their school or Boys & Girls Club to help with homework, play games, share lunch and build a friendship.

Think you want to be a Big Brother? Learn more >
Think you want to be a Big Sister? Learn more >

Volunteering just a few hours a month with a child can start something amazing. So why not apply to be a Big today. There are kids out there ready to get started. Are you?


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